Feb 2012

Here is a sample from our learning adventure during the month of
February 2012 ~

Religion ~

Confession, Mass, began watching Jesus of Nazareth (DVD)
Winter Tea in honor of St. Dorothy (taken from Tea and Cake with the Saints).
Blue Knights mtg.  Buck and his Dad.
Daily Mass Readings and Morning Prayers.
Worked with SB on the group she has started for girls.(SSDC)
Little Flowers meeting HB, St. Joan of Arc, Obedience (HC&SB made Fleur de Lis cookies)
Faith and Life 2 (B&HB)
Bible Stories (B)
John of Bread and Water from Once Upon a Time Saints
Lights Out Night - HC&SB led St. Alphonsus Ligouri's Stations of the Cross with Stabat Mater by candlelight. BEAUTIFUL!!
Feb 6th ~ St. Paul Miki story from Around the Year, Once Upon a Time Saints
Feb 7th ~ Solomon's Temple, St. Dorothy (Once Upon a Time Saints)
Feb 9th ~ St. Appolonia
Feb 14th ~ St. Valentine, Ann Tompert
Feb 18th ~ St. Bernadette of Lourdes DVD and SB's B'day
Feb 19th ~ Blessed Jacinta and Francisco - The Children of Fatima
Feb 21st ~ Shrove Tuesday Adoration and Dinner at church.
Feb 22nd ~ Ash Wednesday Mass, made Crown of Thorns and Bags for B&HB to use in praying The Stations of the Cross.
History ~
DVD on Malta (Requested by SB after reading Angels in Iron)
Connecting With History Vol. II
Unit 4 core reading plus:
The Eagle of the Ninth (HC)
The White Isle (SB) with report.
Seven Wonders of the Ancient Middle East (Solomon's Temple)

Grammar ~
Wordly Wise (HC&SB)
Creative Writing

Math ~
I had gotten this book for HC to read from a trusted source.  Didn't turn out to be a good one!  The author appears to be an atheist.  She made a blog post about it.
What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? (SB)
Skip Counting (B) CCM
Life of Fred Geometry (HC) **free shipping**
Life of Fred Apples (SB to B&HB) **free shipping**

Games ~
Apples to Apples
Ten Days in the USA
Boggle Jr.

Science ~
Thomas Edison - Inventor, Scientist, and Genius (B&HB)
Tornadoes (B)
Nature walks, Fed Canada Geese, Gerbils
Louis Pasteur NEST DVD
Bacteria (DVD)
What's smaller than a pygmy shrew?  (HC) Mod 5 Biology
Catholic Stories from Science - Pheromones
Exploring Creation With A&P (SB) Lesson 7 The Blood,
began studying The Cardiovascular System Lesson 8.
Made Sun Clock with B&HB from Simple Science Experiments.
APT - The Voices of Dolphins and Whales.
Dolphin Tale DVD
Gregor Mendel, the Friar Who Grew Peas (genetics)
HC read The Christian Origins of Modern Science
Turtle, The Incredible Story of  a Loggerhead Turtle DVD
Other Reading ~
Tea with Milk, Allen Say
Charles Dickens - The Boy Who Had Great Expectations (SB)
Meet the Austins (HC)
Read from A Child's Guide to the Night Sky (HB)
Mistmantle (SB to B)
King Solomon and the Bee
Joseph and Chico, the story of Pope Benedict XVI
The Miracle of Marcelino (SB)
The Spear (Mom, HC & SB)
Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls B&HB

Gardening Notes ~
Forsythia Bushes are blooming - time to prune rose plants.
Everyone worked to clear out Dogwood Garden.
SB, B&HB helped dad gather stones/brick to build outdoor fire pit.
Buck helped his dad cut down a few pine trees to use in build a bullet stop for target practice.
Other ~
Jeopardy (HC&SB)
Computer Work - Microsoft Office Clip Art

Music  ~
Guitar, Piano, Songwriting (HC&SB)
Choir -learning The Chant Mass for Lent and The Mass of Christ the Savior for Easter.

Other Viewing ~
Adventures in Honesty -DVD
The Story of Easter - Story Keepers (DVD)
Curious George (APT)
The Magic School Bus (Bacteria)
Martha Speaks (APT)

Dear Lord, I thank you for the time I have spent with my family this month.  I pray it was all pleasing to you and in accordance with Your Holy Will.

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Donna said...

AWESOME!!! What a great idea to write it all down- you are doing so well!!

Praying the Rosary keeps us close to Jesus