March 2012

Here is a sample from our learning adventure during the month of
March 2012 ~
Religion ~

Daily Mass Readings, the Word Among Us Meditation and Prayers.
Children's Stations of the Cross with our Home school Group.
Trip to St. Cecilia Convent, The Dominican Sister's Mother house in Nashville, TN for SB.

1st - St. David of Wales lapbook review, geography
16th ~ St. Patrick's Feast Day, read St. Patrick by Ann Tompert.
19th ~ St. Joseph's Feast Day with Altar at church.  HC&SB dressed as Mary and St. Anne and sat at the Saints table.  HB made this Stained Glass Window craft.
Lenten Baking ~ Pretzels and Walter the Baker
Working on Confirmation Lapbook with SB (from Faith Folders for Catholics).
First Communion Lapbook with Buck and HB.  King of the Golden City.
SB's group, Sister Servants of the Domestic Church, met and discussed St. Katherine Drexel and the virtue of Generosity.

Buck sorted and fixed several broken rosaries during morning prayer time.

We were blessed to bring home our parishes vocation prayer chalice for a week.

Dad and Buck hosted their 2nd Blue Knights meeting focusing on developing their "SHIELDS OF FAITH."  My honey made wooden shields that the dad's gave to their sons for working to improve themselves and strengthen their faith.  Buck prays the prayer to St. Michael every day as part of his training.

HB's Little Flower's mtg.  St. Cecilia, Piety.

Movies ~
St. Therese
Mother Teresa
Veggie Tales - An Easter Carol
History ~
Timeline and history sentence review (CCM)
Unit 5 CWH - Council of Nicea (Nicean Creed), Church Fathers
The Confessions of St. Augustine (HC read some of this); Didache Church History.
CCM History sentence memory work.
SB - St. Monica
Feast of Tabernacles - SB
The Hero of Bremen - Buck

Grammar ~
Wordly Wise HC&SB
California Achievement Testing - HC & SB
Buck wrote Thank You note for gift received after his accident.
Creative Writing HC & SB working on a new story together.
Math ~
Life of Fred Apples (SB teaching B&HB)
Life of Fred Geometry HC
California Achievement Testing - HC & SB  B&HB
Buck loves to tinker!  This month he took apart and studied a rotary phone and a bicycle.
Art ~
Eric Carle
Homemade Easter Cards

Science ~
Weather Study with Buck.  Put together Weather Station Kit. Now if we could only find a place to put it where the dog will leave it alone!!!
Tornado study  - Tornadoes by Gail Gibbons, How do tornadoes form?
Butterflies, Insect Metamorphosis

The Cardiovascular System with SB from Exploring Creation with

Buck fell and fractured his wrist - the distal radius.  X-rays, casting.

Bird sightings ~ Cedar Waxwings, Robins, Cardinals, Phoebes.

HC - Biology ~ Pope John Paul II's Letter on Evolution and some of Chesterton's, The Everlasting Man.
She also had braces put on her teeth.

Dolphin Fact book by Buck inspired by the movie Dolphin Tale.

Other Reading ~
The Spear - RA thru Ch.8
Mistmantle Book 3 - SB to B
Star Wars Secret Missions to Buck
Gardening Notes ~
Buck helped his Dad clear the garden area and prepare soil for planting.
We are having an early spring.  The trees are blooming beautifully!
Transplanted Dutch Iris bulbs from mama's.
Fenced in garden area.
Read Planting a Rainbow to HB.
Other ~
Mom's Little Way Group met and discussed which of the mom's we most related to in A Little Way of Homeschooling.
Music ~
Choir practice HC&SB
Voice lessons & Cantoring - HC
HC & SB continuing to learn new songs playing guitar and singing together.  My latest favorite is, "Everyone Needs a Little," by Kari Jobe.
HC was asked to sing at a wedding.  (Her 1st)
Other Viewing ~
Gymnastics DVDs - HB
I Love Lucy
Lion King movies
The Quiet Man
The Fox and the Hound

Physical Education
Bike Riding

Home Economics
Continuing to teach/practice skills in cooking, cleaning, organizing.
Made Amish Friendship bread and shared starter with friends.

Dear Lord, I thank you for the time I have spent with my family this month. I pray it was all pleasing to you and in accordance with Your Holy Will.

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