Nov 2011

Sharing a sample of our learning journey during November 2011 ~ 

My Reading
A Little Way of Homeschooling (Andres, Suzie)

Liturgical Year

1st  - All Saints Day partygames and Saint O Lanterns
2nd - The Spirit of Tio Fernando: A Day of the Dead Story (Levy, Janice)
3rd  - The Pied Piper of Peru, about St.Martin de Porres (Tompert, Ann)

P is for Pilgrim
Cranberry Thanksgiving - read book and baked bread, see below.
Pilgrim's Thanksgiving From A to Z


Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns a Lesson (RA w/HB)
The Twelve; Lives of the Apostles After Calvary HC
The Ides of April (Ray, Mary)  HC & SB
Beyond the Desert Gate (Ray, Mary) SB
Lay Siege to Heaven (deWohl, Louis)  HC


Little Flowers girls group  Virtue ~ Love of God, Saint Agnes


HC & SB started their own private blogs for journaling, book reports, etc.  They both continue to spend lots of time writing creatively.


In November (Rylant, Cynthia)

The Pumpkin Book (Gibbons, Gail)
The Northern Lights

Earth Science -
How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World (McNulty, Faith)  (B)

Wild Fibonacci (B&HB)
Measurements in baking


Picasso for Kids
Picasso and Minou


Beethoven Getting to know the World's Greatest Composers
Beethoven Lives Upstairs Book and CD

HC working on music for the Homeschool Christmas Play.
SB and HC working on music for local Christmas craft fair entertainment.
HC and SB led music for Little Flowers meeting.

Other Reading

Letter's From Father Christmas, Tolkein  (SB, HC)
The Complete Wilderness Training Book (Usborne) HC

In the Kitchen


Come and See, chapter on Rituals. Excellent!

Mr. Wizard's World Vol.1
(Some parts are outdated as in the use of asbestos but, still educational)

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
I Love Lucy (2nd season)
The Sound of Music

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