Jan 2012

A sample from our learning adventure during the month of
January 2012 ~

Living the Liturgical Year ~

Continued to celebrate Christmastide. Read books in Christmas basket.
First Friday Mass and Benediction with our homeschool group. 
Jan. 3rd - The Most Holy Name, coloring page and discussion.
IHS ~ Jesus Hominum Salvator
Jesus, Saviour of Men
Jan. 8th - The Epiphany of Our Lord
Blessed Home with chalk and finished watching The Nativity Story.

King of the Golden City
Buck and Honeybee's First Reconciliation!  Made this lapbook in preparation.
DVD - Blessed Andre
Confirmation prep (SB), working on this lapbook
DVD - Book of Virtues, Courage and Faith (B & HB)
Dicussed parts of Catholic Morality with HC.

My Reading
The Unschooling Handbook
A Picture Perfect Childhood, Cay Gibson
A Thomas Jefferson Education; Oliver DeMille
Other Reading
The Magician's Nephew - Family Read Aloud
The Hobbit (SB)
The Heir of Mistmantle (SB reading to Buck)
Oh the Places You'll Go
Alabama Wind Flyers
Star Wars comic books (B)
Hamlet (Shakespeare Can Be Fun) (SB)
Along the Alphabet Path with HB (Letters A-K)
Guitar, Voice, Piano practice (HC & SB)
Units 3&4 - Connecting With History II
The White Isle, SB
The Eagle of the Ninth, HC
DVD - The Perpetua Story
Christopher, the Holy Giant
The Hidden Meaning to the Lord of the Rings, Dr. Joseph Pearce -  audio
Creative writing (HC & SB)
Memory Work
History Timeline CCM
Matthew 16:18 (B)
The First Amendment CCM
Jump Start 2nd Grade
Volcano experiment
When the moon is full, A Lunar Year
Nature walk - observation of Kingdom Fungi (HC)
Louis Pasteur and the Founding of Microbiology
DVD - Journey to the Center of the Earth
SB and I studied the blood using this book and she had this is say about one part.
English from the roots up. (Making flashcards)
The Arts
Shakespeare Can Be Fun, Hamlet (SB)
Leonardo Davinci special on APT
Jeopardy (CBS 3:00-4:00)
Fetch (APT)

DVD - National Treasure 1

Dear Lord, Thank you for all of Your many blessings this month!

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