Friday, December 2, 2011

Honeybee's 1st Pie ~

Honeybee loves Amelia Bedelia.  I do too ;)

So this week after we read

we tried our hand at making a Lemon Pie. 
 Thanks to the Jello Pudding box this was quite easy!

Honeybee was thrilled when I let her stir the pudding while it was cooking!
It turned out so pretty! 
 (I guess I got busy and didn't make pics in between:)
Everyone enjoyed Honeybee's dessert!

This is how I like to teach guide my children to "love to learn!"

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BB said...

Lori, Amelia Bedelia books were my absolute favorites when I was teaching. The students and I loved them equally. "Dust the furniture", "plant the bulbs"...ah, great stories! Excellent way to teach the concepts of "literal" and "figurative".
You're such a good Mommy and teacher!

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