Monday, January 19, 2009

Does this ever happen to you?

Do you ever get too busy doing something and leave out the most important thing you are trying to accomplish? Well, this is exactly what happened to me with my post on Sat. While we were having our supper and talking about Saint Anthony of Egypt, it occurred to me I had left out the source of his strength. In times of temptation he turned to God and MADE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS. He also said little prayers throughout the day while he was working. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU; JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH HELP US; SACRED HEART OF JESUS, HAVE MERCY ON US.

Also, I missed an important step in making the bread baskets! The dough should be spun (on a flat surface) in a circular pattern: starting with a small circle and wrapping around and around forming about a 3" circle. Then press this out a little and drape over bottom of each muffin cup. We'll have to try this again soon. It got kinda frustrating trying to do it the way I had originally said. Oh well, live and learn. At least we get an A for effort.

Hope you have a blessed week and don't miss my new links for coloring sheets under the daily readings!

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