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Preparing for Lent 2009

Ok guys. Lent's almost here! Are you ready? Well, I'm not, but this is a beginning, putting my thoughts together in this post. As I posted before we ordered The Jesus Tree from Scripture Trees. I was sooooo excited when it arrived and somehow I haven't taken it out of the wrapper yet? hum, how time flies. I'd better lay it out and have my scissors ready! I know it is going to make Lent come alive for all of us just as the Jesse Tree did for Advent. Jessica at Shower of Roses has an awesome post from last year. I plan on using this as a guide. She includes coloring sheets, activity pages and scripture readings.

Jesus Tree week one week two week three week four week five week six week seven

More than likely we will read the daily scripture readings with coloring pages as normal with our morning prayers then re-read the bible story of the day from the New Catholic Picture Bible with dad in the evening. The kids will take turns, probably youngest to oldest, putting the symbols on the tree. I think this will be a wonderful way to bring our Lord and His life to "life" for us all. This will be a great way to grow closer to Jesus as we prepare to celebrate Easter.

Now, for self denial. This is something that is all but lost in our culture today. It is such a beautiful gift of self and truly pleasing to our Lord. He did teach us (it is in giving that we receive). This is easier to do outside the home. Especially when you are together ALOT as homeschooling families are. However, this is the MOST important place to start!!!!!
I'm thinking of giving each member of the family a jar with a lid (like a Mason jar). Each time that person gives of himself he/she will put a treat in the jar. (jelly beans, skittles, m&m s).
Older children won't need as much supervision as little ones ;)
After Easter Sunday Mass, we will take our jars and look at all the little presents we gave Jesus during Lent. Then we get to enjoy the treats during the Easter season.

Last year we made a Crown of Thorns. We'll probably do this again. Actually we may do this instead of the candy. I'm sure there will be more than enough of that around here come Easter.

Materials: 4 c. flour 1 c. salt Water Toothpicks

Directions:Mix flour and salt. Mix enough water to make a stiff clay. (A little warmth helps dissolve the salt.) Knead until smooth to remove any air bubbles. Roll three long ropes and loosely braid them. Form braid into a circle and stick toothpicks loosely throughout the entire crown (If they are embedded too deeply they cannot be pulled out intact.) Bake at 350° F for an hour or until it is dry and light brown.

On Ash Wednesday, follow the instructions above to make a salt dough crown of
thorns with your children, anticipating Lenten sacrifices your family hopes to
make. Place the crown in a prominent place in your home; it makes an excellent
centerpiece for your dining room table, and placing it upon a royal purple cloth
has a striking effect.
For each Lenten sacrifice a family member makes, he
or she pulls a toothpick out of the crown. This activity makes a great visual
reminder of Christ’s suffering: Parents can explain to their children that sin
brings additional pain to Jesus’ suffering and good works can comfort Him and
show our love for Him.
The goal should be to remove all “thorns” from the
crown by Easter. Once all the “thorns” have been removed, you can paint the
crown gold or otherwise decorate it with colorful craft jewels, beads, or
flowers where the “thorns” once were as a sign of the triumph of our risen King.
This makes a beautiful Easter Sunday centerpiece with a great story to share
with your guests. (Stacy Mitch in her article “Hearts at Home: Living the Liturgy as Preparation for Our Heavenly Home” in the November/December ’06 issue of Lay Witness)

This looks like a very informative lapbook. I'll probably wait a year or two and use this with Buck and Honeybee. As for The House Cat and Snuggle Bug, we'll see where the Holy Spirit leads us.
Snuggle Bug will be reading

The House Cat will be Reading

Thanks Mary for letting me know about the Lenten adventure from Holy Heroes. I look forward to getting the "free" emails and seeing what it has to offer.

That's all for now. I pray for you all to have a blessed Lent. God Bless

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Kristyn said...

I found your blog by way of Jessica (Shower of Roses). Thank you for sharing the Crown of Thorns. I have never seen that before and the idea of removing the "thorns" as we sacrifice for Jesus is so thought provoking... I will be doing this some time during Lent. Maybe even on Wednesday! Thank you!

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