Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ash Wed thru March Daily Reading Coloring Sheets

Feb 26 Moses

Mar 2 Ten Commandments
Mar 4 Nineveh Repents

Mar 5 Queen Esther
Mar 5 Do unto others

Mar 10 Sodom on Fire

Mar 13 Parable of the evil vinedressers
Mar 14 Prodigal Son
Mar 15 Jesus cleanses the temple
Mar 15 Ten Commandments
Mar 16 Naaman is healed

Mar 19 Jesus teaches in temple

Mar 29 Grain of Wheat


Blessings each day said...

wow...what an awesome job you have done with your blog. Amazing that you could do all this...maybe one day I will do some above average stuff with mine. I loved the fact that you have even free drawing sheets. You are truly gifted. Except I am hoping that my seedlings don't have a disaster befall them as there are 72 little pods.
blessings to you,

faith said...

You can also find cool stuffs for coloring at My kids love the coloring pages.

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