Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Story Eggs and Paschal Candle 2009

Buck and Honeybee enjoyed making Easter Story Eggs on Holy Saturday.

First we decorated the empty egg carton. Then I used a Sharpie to number the eggs 1-12. I ended up using these things for our eggs, mainly because we had the things around the house we needed to fill the eggs with.

1.Small Cracker (Last Supper) Mark 14:22
2. Silver coin(s) (Judas' betrayal) Matt 26:14-15
3. Feather (Peter's denial) Matt 26:33-35
4. Thorn (Crowning) Mark 15:17
5. Die or Dice (Lots cast) John 19:23-24
6. Cross (Crucifixion) John 19:17-18
7. Nail (Crucifixion) Matt 27:31
8. Sponge (I Thirst) John 19:29
9. Linen Cloth ( Burial) Matt 27:57-60
10. Whole Clove (Spices for burial) Mark 16:1
11.Rock (Closing the tomb) Matt 27:62-65
12.Empty (He is Risen) Mark 16:5-6

I used a small piece of label to stick the Bible verse into the top of the egg.

Once we were finished, the family gathered and we told the Easter Story with our eggs.

I just LOVE that our egg cartons have this printed in them. So appropriate - Don't you think?

The eggs turned out great!

Dad did a great job on our Paschal Candle!

We are enjoying lighting it with our night prayers. First with Buck and Honeybee while we read and talk about The Garden of the Good Shepherd, and then with The House Cat and Snuggle Bug when we pray from our new night prayer book. We all LOVE IT!!! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing it with us!

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