Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Quick Takes from a Blessed Week

  1. This week started off wonderful as all do. We got to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!
  2. After Mass, we ate the picnic lunch I had packed as we drove to our first faculty meeting of the new school year. It was wonderful seeing so many beautiful friends who are walking this adventurous path of home schooling with us!
  3. Monday morning we started our "official" new school year. We are really enjoying our new school area. Our morning gathering time has been so blessed. My morning basket is coming together. I hope to do a post on that soon :) We had fun bowling again this week. It was good to spend time with old and new friends.
  4. Buck's doing great on his reading! I'm amazed at how much he remembers after taking time off for summer. When I asked him how he remembers certain things, he says, "Mom, I sound them out!" :)
  5. We survived another one of dad's business trips. He's started having to travel some with his job :( We are keeping a grateful heart though. A friend once told us. "The devil has no room in a grateful heart."
  6. Took the kids to the library. I normally run in and out picking up and dropping off books. This time, however, we all went in for a leisurely visit. The House Cat went over to the teen section with her sketch pad. She's finding Drawing For Older Children and Teens very helpful. Snuggle Bug gathered a few horse books and The Hobbit to read. Buck had fun gathering movies, books, and creating a leaning tower with them all:) Honeybee found a Cinderella book and a rocking chair her size. As I perused the books, I heard her "reading" the book to herself through the pictures. I wish I had what happened next on video. "They've got it all wrong!" she says to herself. "They've got it all wrong." She proceeds to find the librarian and explain to her how the book she's looking at isn't telling the story the way her Cinderella movie at home does. It was priceless! :)
  7. Yesterday was once of those days that explains the title of my blog. My honey's out of town working. Through the grace of God I was able to have a productive school day, cook supper, bathe Buck and Honeybee, put them down for a nap, shower myself, iron all of our clothes, and make it -with the kids- to my monthly Confraternity of Christian Mothers meeting. God truly does give us all we need - When we live for Him!

Have a blessed weekend! Love, Lori

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Donna said...

I'm so proud of your Thursday- getting it all done by yourself! And you tackled Dawn's filecrate system- that is awesome! And I'm so impressed with Buck's creativity- boys love to build don't they!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Yes, God does help us get it together, when we want to do that and ask for His help. God bless you!

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