Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School and Feeling Organized!

Good morning everyone! Today is the "official" first day of the new school year for us. Although we believe homeschool is a way of life - so there is actually no beginning and no end. It is such a beautiful way of life! It is such a blessing to hear my 8th and 5th graders so excited about starting their new books! Thank you Lord for I really want them to ENJOY learning!
I truly believe there is always a silver lining to every cloud. Last night as I was talking with my beloved, I realized the fruit that had come after my recent surgery. Had I not had the recovery time to SIT and rest, I'm positive I would have kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny :)
God provided me with lots of time to thumb through my favorite home schooling catalogs and to talk with our girls about what would be best suited for them this year. I also thankful to so many wonderful bloggers who share awesome ideas with us all!

One in particular, By Sun and Candlelight, shared her file crate system with us. I have begun to use it and I must say I feel so much more organized. It's basically a weekly planner that holds loose paperwork, mail, or whatever you may need to have handy for the week. I kept feeling like I had sticky notes and papers all over the place and could never put my hands on what I needed when I needed it! So, I went to the office supply store and bought a planner and a file crate. First I sat down and filled in as much info as I had for the upcoming school year. Then following Dawn's example, I got to work on my weekly folders. I have one for every week of the year, sort of divided into seasons. Also, there is a folder for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and my favorite book lists.

Here is my planner with my weekly folder kept neatly inside :)

The front of the folder...
Inside the folder...

So, now it's time to get started! Hope ya'll have a blessed week living for God!


Xhonane said...

Hi Lori!

Wow, what a wonderful blog you have!! Congratulations!! I loved the colors and the design!

I am new in the blog world, just two months ago started Here I share ideas to celebrate our Catholic faith at home according to the Liturgical Calendar.

You will see that it's in Spanish because I am from Mexico. I wouls like to ask you how you are able to put so many pictures like that, I don't knoe how to do it in mine.

I liked how you share practical ideas for homeschoolers like how you organized your material.

Could you give me your input about my blog?

God bless,
Xhonane Olivas

Lori said...

Thank you so much for your comments.

I got my free template from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates.

It's easy to add pictures to your blog if you have a digital camera. Just download into your documents/pictures. Then click on the icon to add image.(looks like a picture of nature) Then browse your pictures until you find the one you want, select it and click upload. That's it :)

God Bless, Lori

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