Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday House Cat!

We had a beautiful day, celebrating the gift of our first blessing, thirteen years ago. She and I enjoyed baking this delicious cake together. I LOVE baking their birthday cakes with them.It's a treasured tradition for us. We spent the day out at my mom and dads. Lots of good food, smiles and surprises!

She was truly shocked when she opened up her new mini laptop! Thanks so much Nae Nae and Pop Paw. She is sooooo excited! She is typing every chance she gets, adding her poetry, stories and music.

A special memory for me:

When asked by her dad what advice she would like to give to her siblings on her last day of being a "child", she answered,
"Just remember, we will always be children of God."

What a beautiful response from our new teenager.

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