Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blessed With Rest ~ Vol. 2

One little project I've been working on -as I sit - is organizing all of our holy cards. I have sweet memories of Buck at two years old asking me, "Who's today's saint, mama?" We'd go and look at the church calendar, figure it out, read about them, and light our candle accordingly. I'd also display a holy card of the saint if we had one.

If your home is anything like ours, you have holy cards hiding all over the place. I've been wanting to have these organized by month to make finding the day's saint or feast day card a lot quicker. Then I had the idea of sorting and storing them in a box right under our liturgical candles. Since I'm still not back to shopping, I just used supplies we had around the house.. an old index card box, some card stock, the church calendar, some saint books, and of course - all of our beautiful holy cards.

First, I made dividers for the months out of card stock. I labeled them accordingly and using the church calendar and saint books, I began to sort each card into its correct slot.

Once I had gone through all of the holy cards, I pulled out October's and arranged them in date order. This really helped me to see which cards we had and also the ones I'd like to add. It has been so nice to open the box and easily pull out the holy card for the day. I hope this simple little project will help you to be more organized and to enjoy living the liturgical year as much as we do.

A little side note:
I must admit that I'm beginning to become restless in my recovery. It's been five weeks now and I'm so ready to be back to normal. It quickly becomes depressing to see your loved ones overtired from doing your share of the work for so long. I am doing a little more this week and I'm thankful for that. I'm also persevering in prayer and am trying so hard to keep a grateful heart. Please continue to pray for us as we travel along the home stretch of my recovery!

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