Tuesday, October 13, 2009

St. Edward the Confessor and a History Lesson

There is a wonderful story about Saint Edward the Confessor in Once Upon a time Saints from Bethlehem Books. (I just love their books! They are such treasures.)

The story tells us of a wonderful king who loved and served his people for Christ. God healed the sick through his touch. St. John the Evangelist visited him and asked for money to buy sandals. King Edward gave him the only thing he had, a gold ring. Years later this ring was returned to him with the message of his approaching death. Before being taken to his eternal reward, King Edward finished building Westminster Abbey and was the first to be buried there.

It's interesting that we just finished watching A Man For All Seasons. With King Henry VIII's divorce and separation from the church, Westminster Abbey has become more of a historical place than religious.

Westminster Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Church. As I looked around this morning, I found a couple of interesting articles.
  • On Monday evening of this week (6.30pm 12 October) the long awaited Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux arrive at the Cathedral for the completion of their nationwide tour.
  • In recent years, the relations between the churches in this country have become closer and warmer than perhaps ever before. The fact that the Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops in England have been able to meet more than once for prayer and reflection, as well as for discussion of the challenges we share in witnessing to the Christian faith in our nation, is a welcome development, and a sign that we all recognise common challenges and a need to pray and act together. (May 2009)

Visit Waltzing Matilda for a coloring sheet of St. Edward.

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