Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes From A Very Blessed Week

  1. The week started off wonderfully. We were all together for Mass on Sunday.
  2. I was able to go back into the atrium after Mass and co-listen to God with the children.
  3. Sunday evening me and my honey made it to our Teams of Our Lady prayer group meeting. It was so wonderful to see everyone and to pray for our marriages and our families! We felt like we were on a date :) The kids had a good time hanging out at Nae-Nae and Pap-Paw's house.
  4. We celebrated my honey's b'day on Monday with a wonderful meal and special time together.
  5. Buck and Honeybee both did an excellent job with their reading lessons on Wednesday.
  6. I was able to make it to The Confraternity of Christian Mother's meeting last night. Yesterday was the nine week mark since my surgery! It definitely took NINE weeks to feel almost back to normal. I am so thankful to be feeling better and to be able to drive without discomfort!
  7. Today I took the kids to gym day. They all had a great time and I enjoyed "watching" them all running around smiling. Who knows, maybe next month I'll be running around with them ?

I'm so glad I took a minute to sit down and think about my week. I am so thankful to be getting back into the saddle again! I so needed to be back in the atrium with the kids, at the prayer meeting with my honey, and at the CCM meeting. These things all fill up my cup!

Visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes:) Have a blessed weekend. ROLL TIDE!

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Blessed - said...

It's a great testament to God's goodness that you are doing so well already. I love you and I'm so glad you are feeling better. Your devoted husband.

Praying the Rosary keeps us close to Jesus