Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Morning Dear Jesus

~Our Morning Prayer for the month of November ~

Good morning, dear Jesus, my Savior,
Good morning dear Mary, my Queen,
Good morning bright Angels, fair sentinels
Of Jesus Who dwells here unseen,

Dear Lord, I bring Thee red roses
All wet with the dew of Thy grace.
Every thought, every word, every action
And my heart I give for their vase.

This offering I make through Thy Mother
Whose Heart is so sinlessly white,
Whiter than wings of the Angels
Who watch and pray by me here all night.

One favor, sweet Jesus, I ask of Thee,
Inflame my poor heart with Thy love
So while I toil in this valley
My spirit may dwell far above.

I've been really struggling to stay consistent in my daily schedule lately. I know, I'm still recovering from surgery.... But, I say enough already! So, I guess it's time for a change. I had the inspiration to change up our morning prayers a little. Maybe this will help motivate me. We tend to get stuck in a rut with our prayers. We say the words but do they reach our hearts? I find change helps to ward off dryness in prayer.

Years ago, The House Cat made up the sweetest melody for this prayer. For the month of November, I plan on us singing it together each morning. It's such a beautiful prayer. I look forward to Buck and Honeybee learning it. I thought it was sweet this morning when Honeybee said, "I like the part with the roses." It reminded me of the novena I prayed to St. Therese. By the way, I did see my rose. God Bless

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