Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Buck!

Yesterday we celebrated Buck's 6th birthday

We had a busy, fun-filled day.

First, he made his cake (with the help of his sisters).

As we were cracking the eggs, I remembered the book, The Hen Can't Help It, in the library basket. We took a minute to compare our egg to the fertilized one in the book. A quick science lesson :)

While the cake was cooking we made a batch of homemade play dough.

Once the cake cooled, we set out to make the Alabama - Roll Tide Cake he wanted. Unfortunately, I failed to make a picture of the first icing attempt. Note to self: I'm not on Food Network for a reason. I thought I'd try out Paula Deen's wax paper trick. You know, the one where you put the wax paper on your serving dish to keep it nice and clean while you are frosting the cake. My mistake....The wax paper should have been only on the edges of the cake bottom. Guess what happened when I went to remove the wax paper? Yep, the cake spilt into thirds.

God gave me the grace to laugh.

My mom was sweet enough to bring another container of icing.

The second attempt turned out great and twice as sweet :)


He was about to burst to open his presents!

First he got some camouflage duct tape from Honeybee.

Then a guitar from his sisters: Passed down from The House Cat to Snuggle Bug to Buck.

A BB Gun from his daddy. (To be used under strict supervision only with daddy!)

And last but not least....

A fiddle from my parents. He's been wanting one ever since we saw L'Angelus live on Life on the Rock. He was soooo excited!

He had a BIG birthday!

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