Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Wrapping Up ~ 1st Week of Advent

  1. Thanking God today for another year lived growing closer to Him! My sweet honey is making Craw fish Fettuccine for my birthday supper tonight. YUM!
  2. Shopping with my mom for a while this afternoon. Will be like old times :) Then home for supper with my parents and honey and the kids :)
  3. We are really looking forward to confession tomorrow morning. We try to go at least once a month but, haven't been since before my surgery.
  4. 3:00 tomorrow - SEC Championship - Alabama vs. Florida - ROLL TIDE! Planning on going to my parents for the game. Got a feeling it will be another nail biter :/ Hopefully we'll get a good family pic. for our Christmas card.
  5. Sunday morning we will have our Advent Celebration in the Good Shepherd Atrium. The House Cat's been working on songs to come in and share with us. The kids just LOVE this :)
  6. The Knights of Columbus are having a blood drive Sunday morning. My hubby will be in the parish hall sharing and helping after Mass. I tell you, I have a new appreciation of blood donation after needing a blood transfusion in the hospital myself a few years ago. Thank you to all who give blood to help others!
  7. The girls and I are reading Beautiful Girlhood and looking forward to joining in a mother/daughter bible study after PSR on Sundays for the next few months.

Visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes. Have a Great Weekend!

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