Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our New Years Eve Plans

Today we celebrate Pope St. Sylvester. He is remembered for baptizing Emperor Constantine,who was cured from leprosy afterwards. He was the first pope to be called a saint who wasn't also a martyr.

Austrians dedicate this day to him and celebrate how he brought about the dawning of a new era for all of Europe. Sylvester Punch is served on this night.

Well, I don't have the ingredients for that and I know my kids wouldn't drink it! So.... instead I think we will have some yummy ice cream punch instead. To make it you let 1/2 gal (box) of vanilla ice cream soften in a punch bowl. Once it is soft you pour Cream Soda in until full. This is my kind of recipe! Quick, Easy, and Delicious! I'm definitely the semi-homemade kinda cook! :)

I started my day off wondering what movie we could watch tonight as a family. After reading about Austria, I'm definitely thinking of The Sound of Music. I'll get my honey to pick up pizza from Sams on his way home. So we'll enjoy pizza and ice cream punch while we watch our movie. We may as well have one last calorie blow out before tomorrow. Yep, 2010 is our year to get in shape :) I know, I know, you've heard me say it before. But, this time I pray God will give us the grace to do it for HIM! Weight Watchers is calling my name and I'm starting back going to the meetings next week. I've already gone online, picked a meeting time, and added it to my calendar. I weighed this morning -OUCH- :( No wonder I'm staying tired all of the time. Please pray for us as we start this new journey towards eating right and exercising. Watch my sidebar for updates on how we are doing.

I pray you all have a wonderful last day of 2009. May God Bless You All Richly in 2010!

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