Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Saint Andrew’s Day Celebration

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Saint Andrew.  This is a special day in our home.  My honey choose Saint Andrew as his Confirmation patron saint.  He said he did so because he loved Saint Andrew’s zeal for the Lord.  He chose to follow Jesus and was strong in doing so.  I pray for God to continue to strengthen my honey through the intercession of Saint Andrew.

The kids and I had fun making St. Andrew Scones.IMG_0315

IMG_0311IMG_0316 We marked each scone with an X in rememberance of him dying on an X shaped cross.IMG_0321 IMG_0322

They enjoyed playing with the extra dough while the scones baked.IMG_0335 Then we had a nice tea partyIMG_0340I asked my honey what he wanted for his special supper….  My fisherman is a country boy! IMG_0359IMG_0360IMG_0366 We ended our day with a short clip from Jesus of Nazareth.  (Including of course St. Andrew)  We also lit our Advent wreath, sang our Advent songs, opened a door on our Advent calendar, and prayed together before turning in.  It was a wonderful end to a great day!

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