Monday, April 26, 2010

A Big Day for Buck, Honeybee, and especially Mom!

Like so many other homeschooling moms, I feel like I fall short so often.  I struggle to stay on a schedule with the little ones.  I make great plans and then someone gets sick or just plain doesn't want to sit down and work.  (When it's a good time for me :)  I've been battling A LOT of fatigue lately.  So, I really haven't felt like pulling Buck and Honeybee in from playing to sit down and work with me. 

Well today God gave me a HUGE reward for all of my efforts, as lackluster as they may seem to me.  I always try to keep in mind that God is doing great things with my less than perfect offerings.  He called me to home school our children and He will see us all through it!  He has brought me so much closer to Himself through this journey.  Once again, He is showing me that He has it all under control....

I picked up the 1st Faith and Freedom Reader at the last home school conference I went to.
I just happened to pull it out today (not really because I give all of the credit to my guardian angel).  I just wanted to see how Buck could do with it.  Well, he did GREAT!  He read the first part of the book in his first sitting!  He kept saying, "This is fun!"  Before I knew it, Honeybee had climbed up beside me wanting her turn.  "OK", I said.  Well, little miss priss read just as well as her big brother!  She even used the right emphasis when reading the sentences!

This is the best gift I could receive!  It just goes to show how much our children are learning from their environment.  When we surround them with things that are beautiful, educational, and pleasing to God, there is no limit to what God will do in their lives!  

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