Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Blessed Woman's Daybook

Outside my window ~ Rain.  Nice, soothing rain.  We are enjoying a slower pace around here this morning.

I'm thinking ~ We may need to adjust our daily Mass schedule and go to noon Mass every other day. 

Around the house ~ Easter has arrived!

These beautiful little wildflowers are the perfect bandaids for the holes  wounds left from the crown of thorns.

Out of doors ~
the snowdrops are finally blooming.  I wonder if our daffodils will? 
There are so many pretty little wildflowers scattered about.  Or are they weeds? I have no idea and am not having much luck identifying them.  By the way, these photos were taken by Snuggle Bug who would much rather be outside doing this than sitting here with her math book :)

Hothead ~ Our Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Dixie ~ Our old girl
Max and Ruby ~ Our Cardinals ~ Dining together

In the kitchen ~
Honeybee helping with our popcorn lost sheep snack from The Garden of the Good Shepherd daily activity.
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Weight Watchers this week ~  Starting the Walk It Challenge.  Bought myself a pedometer.  Time to move more....  down 12 pounds so far.  I guess I'm about where I was before my surgery/recovery.  White Bean Turkey Chili's on the menu for tonight.  Yummy!

Plans for the rest of the week ~

  • Confraternity of Christian Mothers meeting/Mass tonight

  • Friday morning Mass and then maybe head up north about 30 miles to my parents new mini-farm.  They just closed on it yesterday.  We are all excited and the kids have already a mile long list of the different farm animals they want :)

  • Saturday morning Buck has a baseball game.  He's on the Bucs team again this year.  God definitely has a sense of humor! Then maybe home to do some yard work.

  • Sunday morning ~ Mass, Atrium of the Good Shepherd, Tea Party with The House Cat and Snuggle Bug to finish up our Beautiful Girlhood study.  We've had a wonderful time together!  I'd love to go back to church at 3:00 for the Hour of Divine Mercy to finish up our novena but, I think everyone will be too tired.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Melissa Mashburn said...

I enjoyed how you added pictures to your responses. It was helpful visualize what it was that you were doing and thinking

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