Friday, June 11, 2010

Honeybee's turn

Another package ready to send to Locks of Love.  Honeybee LOVES to brush her hair now :)  No more running and hiding from the mean mom with the tangle ripper!

Now we are 3 for 3 ~ all three girls have donated 10 inches of their hair to this worthy cause.  We are so proud of all of them!


Gardenia said...

congratulations to all three of your girls. what generosity and compassion they have.

BB said...

Oh my, Lori, how touching. You have so filled your girls' hearts with giving to those less fortunate. What a blessing they have in you--and your husband. These are gifts the thief can't steal.
God bless you, as He does, every day!
BB Tucker (Donna's Mom)

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