Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

We are living such a blessed life that I've been having trouble finding time to blog about it! :)  There are so many wonderful things happening!  Here are a few highlights from this weekend....
~Snuggle Bug decided it was time for a trim.  Keeping her long mane :) tangle free was becoming nearly impossible! 

The House Cat had donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love when she was about 8 years old.  Snuggle Bug was ready to do the same.

We pray for the child who will benefit from these locks.  May God watch over them and heal them.
We all love her new look!  So cute for summer!
~My honey worked extra hard hanging peg board and organizing my dads tools. 
Buck was right there with him the whole weekend!  He made his own little work station doing “guy” things with his dad. 
Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband and son!
~The hummingbirds entertained me as I sat on the front porch enjoying my morning coffee.
I counted as many as SEVEN coming to the argue over the feeder.  “Calm down guys!  There’s plenty for everyone!”
Do you see the bird nest in the corner?  We believe it is a barn swallow.  We’ve been watching it and it’s mate build the nest.  Last night the mate sat on the ledge beside his mate sitting on the nest.  So sweet…..  Maybe we’ll be see baby birdies soon!
~I also loved seeing the kids walking down the lane with my mom.  Seeing my mom out walking is such an answer to prayer.
~The girls and I helped mama plant some flowers and mulch the beds.
~It is so awesome working in such a beautiful place!
And now for the BIG news…..
Here’s the site for our new home.
We’ve been working hard to clear the land for our new home to be delivered in a couple of months.  We’ve still got some fencing to take down but, it’s coming along.
~Here’s the horse pen my honey built. We are all looking forward to getting Buddy out there.  He’s been boarded for almost a year now.  We are also looking for a friend to keep him company.
We are so thankful for my mom and dad’s generosity.  I told my mom that I feel like I’m at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast when I’m there. 
We keep pinching ourselves to make sure this is all real! My soul pines to be there when we are away.  We can’t wait until the day comes when we will no longer have to load up and drive home.  We’ll only be a short walk away.


Donna said...

HOW WONDERFUL! Congratulations on the big move- what a blessing to have that land and horses and most of all FAMILY right there! I'm so happy for you! And I can already tell Snugglebug's hair is ADORABLE- just like her personality!

jenmack said...

Oh, Lori...I'm dying to chat with you! I've been so ridiculously busy and keeping my nose to the grindstone around here...that I'm late to this positively delightful news of your move!

The area is simply inviting and lovely! I can imagine how your heart must soar at the possibilities! You're in my prayers during this time!

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