Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent 2010 ~ Week Two

This week we light 2 candles and focus on spreading Peace wherever we go.  Of course,  we are also called to be peaceful in Our Lord.  The prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi is a perfect prayer to add to family prayer time this week!

~  Sunday night ( Dec. 5th) we will leave our slippers outside our bedroom doors.  It's fun waking up the next morning to see what "St. Nick" left :)
     Over the weekend we need to shop for new slippers.  It's time :) 
We remember St. Nick or Santa on this day the church set aside for him.  I'm sure he would never want to be in the spotlight with Our Lord on Dec 25th!

~ Monday Dec. 6th ~  Celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas ~ Visit Jessica for an abundance of ideas :)

~ Tuesday, Dec. 7th is the Feast of Saint Ambrose. A great day to make your  Christ Candle and some Ambrosia

~ Wednesday, Dec. 8th is the Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady.  I read this is a great day to go help a friend who is expecting in honor of Good Saint Anne and Our Lady's sinlessness.  I'm also planning on serving a pure white supper from A Treasure Chest of Traditions. Not quite sure what it will be yet, maybe alfredo or potato soup...

~ Thursday, Dec 9th is the Feast of Saint Juan Diego. Make these fun  Tilmas and watch this terrific movie.  A Year With God has a simple play for the kids to act out.

~ Friday, Dec 10th  Our Lady of Loreto, Draw a Rose for Our Lady also found in A Year with God from CHC.

~ Saturday, Dec 11th Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe since her feast day lands on Sunday this year.  Have a fiesta and serve Mexican Wedding Cookies for dessert!  YUM!!

Shopping/To Do List ~
For Sundayevening ~ slippers for everyone, gold coins, candy canes.

For Tuesday ~White pillar candle for Christ Candle with stickers for decorating or you can use an image from a Christmas card , Ambrosia ingredients.

For Wednesday ~ Mass , ingredients for "pure" white supper.  maybe alfredo?
Help a pregnant friend get to Mass or take them supper.

For Thursday ~ Tissue Paper for Roses, Brown paper sack, and this printout of Our Lady's image.

For Saturday ~ Ingredients for your fiesta!

Hope you have a Blessed week living for the Lord!

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