Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with Mama ~ 2010

Mama added a new tree to the house this year.  She said, "Daddy always wanted a tree with blue lights."  She covered it with silver angels and other "heavenly" ornaments.
I bought and wrapped the peace ornament "for daddy's tree."  I think this might just become a new tradition for us. 
We bought this ornament for him last year at the Christmas tree farm. It looks beautiful on his tree.

She also added this beautiful, sparkly hummingbird.  They have so many hummingbirds there in the summer.  Daddy told her whenever she was sad and saw a hummingbird come to the window it would be him telling her everything was going to be ok.  A day or so after his death she was about to leave my house when a hummingbird flew to our front window and fluttered for a few seconds.  I asked her if she saw that.  I had never had that happen here before.  She then shared with me what he had told her.  

We had a nice visit with mama and she was very generous in her gift giving.  Just like daddy was  :) It's still hard for me to comprehend that he is not here anymore.  My heart aches but, the prayer "Jesus, I Trust in You" is the best medicine for my soul.

  I came across this poem today.  Mama, if you read this I hope it comforts you, too.

Christmas in Heaven

'Tis Christmas in Heaven
What a beautiful sight!
It's my first one here;
Everything is all right.

The crib is adorned
With the brilliance of stars,
Wise men have come
From Venus and Mars.

I've met all our dear ones
Who preceded us here;
The reunion was lovely,
An event full of cheer.

And tonight we'll all gather,
In reverence we'll kneel,
For the Babe in the cradle
Up in Heaven is Real.

I think of my family
that I left behind
And I pray that your Christmas
Is as blessed as mine

Please shed no more tears,
For my soul is at rest,
Just love one another;
Live life to its best.

Yes, It's Christmas In Heaven,
So I've heard them say,
Yet, Christmas In Heaven
Happens every day.

by Unknown.

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