Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O' Antiphons Lapbook

Snuggle Bug and I enjoyed putting this lapbook together. The O' Antiphons are so interesting to research! I was so excited last year when I figured out that the beautiful hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel was actually the O' Antiphons being sung!
With the help of a pack of various sized and colored card stock, a printer, scissors and a glue stick, this lapbook was a cinch to assemble! We used a bright yellow gold file folder as our base crown, since these titles are often referred to as the seven jewels of our liturgy.
She used this list for her front flaps. 

Then our resident computer expert, The House Cat, saved these symbols in My Pictures folder on the computer, opened them with the Paint option, adjusted the sizes, and printed them.  Snuggle Bug mounted them on a piece of card stock with the corresponding date alongside. 
 We glued the top edge of this card to a larger card.

Then I printed out these scripture references.  We cut these in strips, divided by day, and folded them to where the outside edges met in the middle.  These were then glued under the top card and can be opened and read like this.

(Make sure you place these towards the bottom  so you can lift the top flap and read easily.)

I also printed and cut out the verse of O Come, O Come Emmanuel for each O' Antiphon and she glue those right below the cards. 

Each card looks like this when completed.  Look toward the end of the post to see how they are all arranged.

I'm sure this will be a well used lapbook for years to come!


Donna said...

I LOVE this lapbook! I've had a stack of folders for months and have yet to make a lap book- I'm amazed you did it all yourself (with Snugglebug of course). Merry Christmas to you guys!

Lori said...

Thanks Donna! It was fun to put together! We should get together and make a lapbook with the kids sometime :)

Jimmie said...

This lapbook is beautiful and full of truth. I do love that hymn as well. I didn't know it had another name.

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