Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes from my week

This last week flew by!  Snuggle Bug's been telling me, "Mama, you need to post!"  So here are a few things we've been keeping busy with since my last post.
  1. The snow and ice hung out longer than I can ever remember it doing so.  Being a southern girl, I enjoy it for a day and that's about it!
  2. My hubby asked me out for a date last Friday night.   How fun that was!!!  I wish we could do that every Friday night!  
  3. Saturday was spent organizing our new master grocery list.  This is one of the time saving tips suggested in Homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit  which we are reading in our book group.  My honey also put together a new bookcase for "my books" to go in our bedroom.  You can never have too many books! 
  4. Sunday we began studying T3 - The Teen Timeline, Thy Kingdom Come, the Gospel of Matthew from Ascension Press, in our PSR class.  My honey and I are really enjoying sharing our faith with these wonderful 7th graders!
  5. Monday my honey helped me organize Buck's room.  Boy, he sure is different than the girls!  We labeled bins and made a place for everything.  Now if we can only keep everything in it's place!!!
  6. Tuesday, we went and painted for my mom.  The kids all helped and we got 'er done!  She had new carpet put in on Wednesday.  I can't wait to go and see! 
  7. I've also been working on finishing up our 2nd Qtr. Progress Reports and making a plan for 3rd Qtr.  I ordered this horse study for Snuggle Bug yesterday.  The House Cat continues to write and has been published in the new Homeschool Literary Quarterly.  Buck is a Star Wars junkie and Honeybee... well, she's still sweet as sugar when she wants to be.  But, look out for her sting when she's tired!  :)  I'd say we had a pretty normal week around here ~ Staying Busy With our Blessings~
God Bless you all and visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes.

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BB said...

I can't believe all you do, and do with Christ as your family focus. Your children will rise up and call you blessed!
Loved getting to meet you in person recently at the book club. Seeing you young mothers dedicate yourselves so selflessly to your faith and your families renews my hope in these chaotic times. Fod bless! BB

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