Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creation Lapbooks

This week we have been reading about the story of creation in the daily Mass readings.  Each morning I look for some type of coloring/activity sheet to use sometime during the day with the little ones.  When I came across this site, I thought - these materials would be great to use and make an easy lapbook!
So I did a simple fold lapbook and voila a pretty lapbook emerged!

I liked the way these were dotted for tracing the day and number.
On the inside of the lapbook, I made a little pocket to hold the memory match cards.  (just glue or tape down three sides of a piece of cardstock and you have made a pocket!)
I made another pocket to hold this little booklet, which I had Buck and Honeybee cut out.  I simply stacked these in order and stapled down the left hand edge to make a little book.

Then I made three Q&A cards based on the Catechism and one of our favorite CDs.

Kids Sing for Jesus (Catholic Songs for Little Ones)

I folded a small piece of cardstock in two, added a small piece of white paper for contrast, and lightly printed the answers for them to copy.
Once that was done, he used this nifty little tool to add them to the lapbook.  I really like these little dot glue runners!  They are easy to use, not messy, and have a strong hold.

The finished product ~


Stacy @ Catholic Moms Helper said...

I LOVE THIS! I do the Baltimore Catechism questions with my kids--just put them on cards, laminated them and put in on a ring--but this is so much more fun and coorelated to the Bible and the readings. I'm so glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job! I really like it.

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