Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Under Brigid's cloak

Saint Brigid is one of the most beloved saints of Ireland.  She was born around the year 450 AD not too long before Saint Patrick died.  Her feast day is celebrated today on February first.  The Catholic Mosaic booklist suggests
Brigid's Cloak
reading this wonderful book today.  I printed this coloring sheet created by  Charlotte over at Waltzing Matilda. 
After reading the story,  Honeybee colored St. Brigid's cloak royal blue and added gold stars. 

I also added a little narration from her.

Snuggle Bug printed a pretty notebook page for a little dictation practice.

I noticed I never did post this from last year ~ Buck and Honeybee made these little cloaks for Honeybee's babies using a couple blue napkins I had and gold star stickers.
"Brigid's cloak played a part of several miracles later in her life, and became a sign of protection to the people of Ireland as well.  A common blessing among friends was the hope that they would be fa bhrat Bhrighde "under Brigid's cloak."   To this very day, the cathedral in Bruges, Belgium, keeps in reverence a large blue cloak which is said to be Saint Brigid's very own. " taken from Brigid's Cloak.

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Donna said...

What a great, great idea! I totally let this day slip by this year- and we have that wonderful book and I love it. You always have great idea Lori! Thinking about a valentine's day co-op- your thoughts?

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