Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music to my ears!

Last night as we sat and listened to my honey read the Bible stories that went along with our Jesus Tree, Buck said words that were truly music to my ears.

New Catholic Picture Bible/No. 435/22

"Dad, don't stop reading....I'm diggin' this!"
"Mom, I want you to start reading this with me tomorrow for my reading lesson....the whole thing!"

These words came from a boy who usually moans when I ask him to sit and read with me. 
We have already been reading these stories for history this year.  He wasn't near this enthusiastic about them earlier. No matter though, we had the best time reading together this morning.

This just goes to show that if we surround our children with good things they will be drawn to the beautiful.
(Note: I didn't push the Bible stories down his throat when I didn't have his interest.  I have always wanted my children to enjoy learning and to fall in love with God.  I can't make them do either....  But, I can gently encourage and guide them towards what is truly beautiful.  I do believe children learn so much more when they are interested in what they are studying.)

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Jiggy said...

thank you so much for participating in the grace our Lord give you.

I love you.

Praying the Rosary keeps us close to Jesus