Friday, October 21, 2011

1st Quarter Successes

It's that time again - the time I dread and afterwards am thankful for. 
This was a crazy first 9 weeks of the "school year," as most are.
We completed 5 weeks of schooling in July and August. On the Housecat's 15th Birthday, God gave us the gift of a new home.  The next weeks, basically the month of Sept., were spent packing, moving and unpacking, which in itself was a huge Home Ec. lesson. 

We are basically settled now and it's time for me to complete progress reports for the first qtr. of the year.  This can be a headache, especially for Buck (2nd grade) and Honeybee (1st).  There's no possible way to keep track of all that is learned.  My goal has been and continues to be to create a learning environment, our domestic church, where our children are surrounded by the beautiful and can hear God speaking to them. 

The Housecat and Snuggle Bug have become very good "independent learners."  They know what they need to accomplish from our beginning of the year, sit down, and are proficient in writing what they do down in their lesson planners.  Of course, I am available to answer questions and give direction when needed.  It is always a blessing for me to sit down with them and go through their completed work. 

Here are a few of the books they really enjoyed reading and studying this during this first quarter ~

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