Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratualtions to the Foss Family

Congratulations to Elizabeth Foss and her family on the birth of Sarah Anne. Many blessings are wished upon you all. Thanks so much for the inspiration you shed upon us all!

I am currently immersed in Serendipity,finding myself wanting to redo all of my curriculum!? :( or :)? I'm not sure what to do. I bought ALOT of Seton this year and have started Along the Alphabet Path, with Buck and Honeybee. I'm finding myself wanting to include the House Cat and Snuggle Bug in more and more activities. ARGGGGGGG! I love our Seton books but, I also love the Catholic Charlotte Mason approach. I know for now I'll probably continue to TRY to do both. However, I'm beginning to wonder about next "school" year's approach. I'm a planner so I need to see things laid out in front of me to a certain extent. At the same time I want to allow The Holy Spirit to guide our path. So it seems for today I'm confused about the future. Another good opportunity to "practice" trusting in God!

Thanks Mary for listening today!

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