Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Celebration!

We had an awesome ALL Saints Day! This year our homeschool group wasn't able to meet for our annual party so we had our own at home. Dad and I were so impressed with the kids work on their costumes and games. We enjoyed The Bountiful Bakery ran by St.Anne(Honeybee), St. Andrew's Fishing by St. Andrew(Buck), Armor Yourself With God by St. Joan of Arc(Snuggle Bug) and St. Cecilia's Angel Craft Corner By St. Cecilia(The House Cat). We had WAY too much food, but were happy to take and share at church this morning:) Hope you had a blessed day as well.

Thanks Eileen on Him for sharing the inspiration to surprise the kids with decorations. Seeing their faces light up was such a gift.

We had quite a feast!

Holy Ghost Cookies and Heavenly Haystacks

Saintly Subs and Sides


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Jessica said...

What a great celebration!! The games all sound like so much fun! I love all the foods you tied into this feast! God Bless!

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