Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Post on the Jesus Tree...

Hi everyone. Well I'm still trying to figure out why my PCs not reading my digital camera. So, until I do I won't be able to share the beautiful work the kids have been doing, :(

However, I am keeping busy with organizing our books and all that seems to fall into disarray during the holidays. I'm half way through with our progress reports and have ordered some new books/DVDs. I'm especially excited to have the DVD, St. John Bosco: Mission to Love on it's way. I'm hoping to have it by his feast day on Jan 31.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be writing about the Jesus Tree. We received the box last week, only a couple of days after I ordered it! I'm dying to open it - BUT- I'm determined to finish up my reports and organizing first. Boy, self-discipline doesn't come easy! I'm sure once I open it, I'm not going to want to put it down. Especially since I have two big helpers who love this kind of thing.
Jessica has an awesome post on this with all the info you need if you want to try to get one before they sell out.

Today is my grandfather's eternal birthday. I pray he is resting at peace with our Lord. I miss you Pap-Paw.

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