Wednesday, April 29, 2009

St. Catherine of Siena - Pray For Us!

Today is the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena.

Catherine of Siena was one of the greatest women that ever lived. When she was a
little girl, our dear Lord appeared to her. "Please give me your heart," he
asked. She gave it willingly. Jesus gave her His Sacred Heart in return.
(Miniature Stories of the Saints by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.)

On Shrove Tuesday, 1366, while the citizens of Siena were
keeping carnival, and Catherine was praying in her room, a vision of Christ
appeared, accompanied by His mother and the heavenly host. Taking the girl's
hand, Our Lady held it up to Christ, who placed a ring upon it and espoused her
to Himself, bidding her to be of good courage, for now she was armed with a
faith that could overcome all temptations. To Catherine the ring was always
visible, though invisible to others. The years of solitude and preparation were
ended and soon afterwards she began to mix with her fellow men and learn to
serve them. Like other Dominican tertiaries, she volunteered to nurse the sick
in the city hospitals, choosing those afflicted with loathsome diseases—cases
from which others were apt to shrink. (Taken from Lives of Saints, Published by
John J. Crawley & Co., Inc.)

Today I ask her to pray for all the sick. Especially for Buck who started running fever last night, for my mama, who suffers with chronic pain, and for all of those we've promised to pray for.

Thank you Charlotte for another beautiful coloring sheet.

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