Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Jesus Through Mary

As I was thinking of what I felt inspired to post today, the phrase (prayer), To Jesus Through Mary was placed on my heart. Maybe it's because May is the month of Mary in our Holy Church. Why do we as Catholics honor our Lord's mother so? Was she not the first Christian? If she had said no to God's will in her life, where would we all be now? So, I began my search to find the answers. In doing so I came across a link to the True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort. He has stated the answers beautifully!

If, then, we establish solid devotion to our Blessed Lady, it is only to
establish more perfectly devotion to Jesus Christ, and to provide an easy and
secure means for finding Jesus Christ!

No one loved our Lord more than his mother, the Blessed Virgin. On the cross Jesus gave his mother to all of us. She wants to help us to love her son more. She doesn't want us to worship her. We ask her to pray for us to her Son.

Jesus Christ Is the Last End of Devotion to Mary!

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