Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Job Well Worth Doing

I am so thankful to say, "We're Done!" It was a BIG project but, well worth the time and energy it took to accomplish. I have a new found sense of motivation for the upcoming school year.

I finally have all of my little ducklings in a row. From left to right we have...

The House Cat's desk/workstation. The bookcase got a complete overhaul and is now being used by us big girls - a shelf for each. It's also storing some art supplies above and on the top shelf underneath. Snuggle Bug's pad is next. Continuing to the left, Buck now has his own desk space. Last but not least Honeybee has a make-shift space made out of an old TV stand. I still need to get her a small desk lamp and chair but, she's just happy to have her own space.

A peek into the bottom of the file cabinet shows stacking plastic trays for paper storage.
(Can you tell I watch HGTV;)
On the bottom shelf I kept out books I may want to reference for looking ahead.
Otherwise, my sweet husband helped me box up LOTS and LOTS of books. Once again he kept me on track by asking, "Are you using it THIS year? I have a tendency for overkill :/
I went through every piece of paper and every crayon in the house. It was very overwhelming at times but thanks to all of my helpers we made it through!
My file crate system is coming together - I hope to post on that soon.
Now comes the schedule making task. I'm determined to put something down on paper and do my best to stick to it. Wildflowers and Marbles has an inspiring post on this. I need to print it out, sit down with pencil and paper and make a plan that works for us.
Ready to help me honey? :)


Jana Jae said...

Oh, I am even more determined to finish our sunroom! I am so excited for the upcoming year. We will be using Seton and our books come in tomorrow! Anywho, I am in the process of getting the sunroom back into schoolroom condition. Your learning area looks great! Have a blessed and fun school year!

Jana Jae said...

I am so determined to finish the sunroom now! We get our books from Seton tomorrow. I am so excited! Your learning area looks wonderful. Now, to get mine looking just as good. lol Yall have a blessed and fun school year!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness that is BEAUTIFUL!! Only a homeschooler could just stare at and appreciate an organized schoolroom! I would love to swing by for a visit some afternoon and pick your brain- you have MUCH to teach me!

Jessica said...

Wow!! It looks GREAT Lori!! Good job!!

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