Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One down - LOTS to go....

Last night we started a MAJOR re-vamp of our downstairs den/school room/workout area. My sweet husband came home from work and moved every piece of furniture/electronic down here to a new location. This really needed to be done. Some of these book cases hadn't been moved in years.... ugh...need I say more? Today we are beginning the process of going through all of the books and re-organizing them. Snuggle Bug was up and at'em this morning and finished the first bookcase with the classical literature on it. Buck served as a good "bookend" and she gathered the books.

Now, if each one of their desks could look this neat!

Hopefully I'll have some great "after" pictures to share soon! I am inspired by so many other bloggers who have beautifully organized spaces. Jennifer, Dawn, Jessica, Evann, and Donna to name a few. Thank you ladies for sharing and God Bless you all !

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Marie said...

All it takes is that first step to get the momentum. Can't wait to see your progress! Hopefully this will inspire me to tackle some clutter. God bless!

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