Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Divine Mercy in My Soul

From Your open Heart, as from a pure fount, flows comfort to a repentant heart and soul . . .

- Diary; 1b

St. Faustina is well known throughout the world as the woman who communed with God and brought to others a deeper realization of His infinite mercy. She was born on August 25th, 1905, and at the age of seven received a definite call to a religious vocation. However, her parents refused her request to enter a convent at 18. From then on, she tried to ignore God's call, and forced her interests to center on the world. But when the suffering Christ appeared to her at a dance, He asked her, "How long shall I put up with you, and how long will you keep putting Me off?" The next day, she left her home for the city of Warsaw in search of a convent.

After more than a year, she was accepted into the order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. In that order she was to spend the rest of her life, physically and spiritually communing with the Lord.

During the next 13 years, she endured persistent illness (which became tuberculosis), and also the personal injuries from other sisters who scorned the idea that the Lord appeared and spoke to her. She battled severe attacks of despair and spiritual dryness, and the overwhelming fear that Christ had rejected her. It was during these years that she wrote her Diary, out of obedience to her confessor. Our Lord also ordered her, saying, " . . . be diligent in writing down every sentence . . . concerning My mercy, because this is meant for a great number of souls who will profit from it." Her Diary is a great eye-opener to Jesus' mercy, and His desire to enter souls and sanctify them. The way she participated in His grace, and persevered through her sin in the belief in His forgiveness is inspiring and encouraging.

Through all her suffering and doubt, Christ remained with her, and on October 5th, 1938, He took her to her eternal reward. Maria Faustina Kowalska was canonized on April 30th, 2000, by Pope John Paul II. Her feast is on October 5th.

- by the Housecat

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