Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Look at Science Series

Last year I checked out From Little Acorns from the library. It was so cute that I thought of it again this year when autumn came knocking. The kids had fun collecting acorns and their caps underneath the oak tree in the backyard. This year we had fun making the pretty acorn caps. They are so beautiful. I'm thinking of making some picture frames or something from them. I think they would make pretty Christmas gifts. Last year Buck and Honeybee made letter A's from the caps. We had started walking Along the alphabet path. Maybe next year I can find my way back to it again : )

When I read the book this time, I noticed it was actually a part of a series. I love coming across these kinds of things! So, I researched the authors name (Sam Godwin) on the library's website. Come to find out, my library has several of his books.

Today we are reading The Drop Goes Plop .

A perfect Science study for such a rainy day!

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