Monday, November 9, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, Nov.9,2009

Outside my window... Lots of beautiful leaves all around.

I am thinking... of The House Cat's Rite of Welcome for Confirmation at Mass yesterday. She has grown into quite a young lady. We are so proud of her and how much she loves God. I thought it was really neat that she and her cousin were asked to be part of the prayer petitions.

I am thankful for...being able to kneel at Mass yesterday. The first time since my surgery!

Music in my head...Shelter me O God. A hymn sang at Mass yesterday and copied in my prayer journal last night.

From the learning rooms... The House Cat was trying to write her math on her own but, it's still too painful :( Just put in another call to the orthopedic.

Snuggle Bug's straightening her desk. We moved her and HC over under the window.

Buck and Honeybee are enjoying a new series of Science books I found at the library. I hope to post on these soon.

I also purchased a copy of CHC's Lesson Plans for Pre-K. I need extra inspiration these days!

From the kitchen...Homemade chicken soup for my sick honey and kids.

I am creating...A new layout for my blog. One of these days I'll get it like I want it. Sorry it keeps changing so much.

I am going...To try to walk on the treadmill this week.

I'm looking for... a desk of my own . I've realized over the past weeks that I really need one. I didn't realize how much I gathered books and carried them all over the house to do my work.

I started looking online at Walmart, Kmart, Sams etc. Then I thought of the book I had just read about the Duggars and I remembered their motto of "Buy Used Save the Difference!" So I've got a list of ads from the local paper that I'm calling around about. One in particular sounds promising and it's only $25. That would be a huge savings!

I am looking forward to...Buck's birthday at the end of the week. Our little man will be 6 years old and is soooo excited.

I am hoping...Everyone gets well soon. Dad's going into see the doctor today. He sounds terrible! He missed Mass yesterday and took a nap. Both are unheard of for him!

I am hearing...At the moment silence....hum-should I go see what they are up to? :)

Around the house...I had hoped to make something more elaborate for the month of All Souls. For now - I copied the prayers for All Souls page from A Year With God and we filled in the names of our departed loved ones. I put it on the front of the fridge surrounded with pictures of deceased family members. Each day we offer prayers and works for one of our loved ones.

One of my favorite things...Organized living..will I ever get there?

A few plans for the rest of the week... Hum... God is in control!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

A beautiful day for a picnic at my honey's work place.

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