Sunday, January 3, 2010

Plans Change....

God had other thoughts for our day. When we got home from Mass this morning, Buck laid down on the couch and didn't move. He stayed there six hours without moving. Bless his little heart - he was looking pretty puny. At first he didn't feel warm but, by the end of the day his temp was up to 102.7. We didn't get to go and visit with our beloved priest, friend. We did get to hear his pleasant, joy filled voice on the phone though :) What a gift our priest are to us! To live for God and His Church and administer the sacraments to us. Again, what a gift!

Tomorrow The House Cat and Snuggle Bug are back to hitting the books. I'd love to post a wonderful plan for our week. Truth is - only God above really knows what we will be doing.
I love reading Elizabeth, Jessica, and Jennifer's day book entries. Their plans always sound so wonderful. They are all such wonderful writers. I struggle trying to put all that's in my heart to words. I guess that's not one of my gifts :) However, I do give God all of my heart. I want to do all he calls me to. There are so many inspirations I want to try to fulfill. However, most of the time I feel disorganized and am trying to find a better way to do something. I'm reminding myself - you don't fail until you stop trying.

I love living our beautiful Catholic faith. We are truly blessed. I'm so thankful for being led to blog land and all of the support and inspiration I've found. I truly love living the liturgical year! I'm working on a better way to organize all of my "stuff." It's frustrating to waste precious time looking for something you know you have but just can't put your hands on it. I'm thinking of using big plastic bins to sort candles, statues, books etc. by liturgical season. I'm definitely storing our Advent wreath, Saint Nicholas statue, stockings etc separately from our Christmas decorations this year. Anything to save time....

My sweet husband surprised me with a laptop of my own for Christmas. Hopefully, I can learn to utilize all its features and be more proficient in my work for God.

Honeybee needs mama - so I'll go for now. I pray your week is filled with many blessings :)

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Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

My husband got me my own laptop for Christmas too, which is fantastic because now I can work on my blog and check my email where I can still supervise my children. I love it! :-)

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