Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Things With Great Love

As I drove Honeybee to the doctor today, I popped one of our Danielle Rose CDs into the player. She always brings me closer to Our Lord and helps me feel better. There are so many things I want to do. I want to be a homeschooling mom who spends equal time with everyone living in our domestic church. I want to make a schedule for the week and stick to it. I want to really feel like I've got it together and am in control of our schooling. I want to share here the way I see God working through all of our children. I want to learn everything I can each day about living the liturgical year and implement it in our home. Not to mention that I want to be able to find one of our ten pairs of scissors when I need them! There are sooooo many things I want to do! I read other blogs and feel so inadequate. Wait a minute......what's wrong with all of these sentences? Well, they all begin with that bothersome way of thinking. The "I" mode. Like I said in my last post, only God knows exactly what I'll be doing this week. I have to give it all to Him and trust in His plan. How could I know that I'd have a little one miserable with viral tonsillitis the last couple of days? I had planned on working on our progress reports today and getting our "desk work" going again. Ok - that wasn't in His plan.
St. Therese taught us to do small things with great love. This is my prayer. I've added a new element to my sidebar. Song of the day. The song of the day is a place for me to share music that has touched me and given me strength for the day. I hope it will bless you too.

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