Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the house...

Buck's tracing race cars and has his armory ready to go.  I love the weapon on the right!
This morning Snuggle Bug read some library books to Honeybee.  I picked up lots of the Let's Read and Find Out Science Series the other day.
Honeybee's now enjoying a cut and collage craft that I still had from some activity bags our book group made.

Last night we caught up on our Jesus Tree readings and added the symbols to the tree.  Life continues to happen and we keep getting behind!  We continue to practice perseverance.  I've figured out that's how we learn virtue - PRACTICE!
Thorns are being removed from Jesus' crown. 
The House Cat read this quote to me from The Family Manager Takes Charge :
"To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children.  Each member of the family has to become in a special way, the servant of the others." -  Pope John Paul II
Lots of work waiting on us....

We need to finish our Fire Safety lap books.
and I have a ton of good things waiting on me... I got my new project manger in the mail this week.  It's time to put it to use!
Let's see... Home Management Binder, Project Feeder Watch, Family Liturgical Binder, Sewing with St. Anne, Tea and Cake with the Saints to review (Literature for the Young Lady), Weight Watchers points to write, CATs to open and give, my notebook to update, Honeybee's Alaphabet Path (purple notebook) to update, the list goes on and on :)  I'm really trying to incorporate some of Jennifer's great notebooking/organizational skills into my life.

This afternoon the older girls are sketching the wildflowers, or maybe weeds, I picked a couple of days ago.  I've requested some more books from the library to help us in identifying them.
It looks like good work is being done even with sick kids in the house and a tired mom who feels like she's not being very productive!  All done for God's glory :)  Hope you are all well!

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