Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snuggle Bug's Bluebird

I thought I'd share with you one of Snuggle Bug's pages from the Bird Notebook she's working on.

I found some great print-outs at Enchanted Learning .  They have soooo many wonderful things to choose from.  Definitely worth spending $20 a year for the full sized printing capability! 

The cute sticker in the bottom corner came from  the  Beginning Birdwatcher's Book, a birthday gift from Honeybee :)
She choose this pretty notebooking page to copy The Bluebird poem from Our Birds and Their Nestlings
 I just LOVE reading this book with her! 
By the way, she also memorized the poem and can recite it beautifully.
I stumbled upon this book at Amazon.  It is such a treasure!

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Donna said...

Beautiful! I think that's a great gift-- to know the different types of birds- love the Enchanted Learning site- thanks for the tip!

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