Monday, November 8, 2010

"Mommy, I Want to be an Archaeologist!"

I just finished reading this book to Buck and Honeybee as part of our Unit 3: Egypt and Exodus history study.  I had planned on just reading the first chapter as suggested by the study guide.  To my delight, Buck said, "No, mom, don't stop.  This is so interesting!"  That made me feel so good - coming from my little man who normally doesn't want to sit still through a story :)
Honeybee, who normally snuggles up for as long as you will read to her was unusually wanting to stop???  No way  - I thought!  I'm taking full advantage of this moment with Buck! 

Once we finished the book, they were soooo cute running downstairs to tell their big sisters all about it!  Honeybee ran back upstairs telling me "Mommy, I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up!"  Now, they are waiting for Snuggle Bug to hide buried treasure in the backyard for them to discover.  Don't you just love to see your kids inspired?

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