Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preparing for Holy Week 2012 ~

As Holy Week approaches I find myself listening for His guidance.  I haven't felt the need to shop for Easter Basket items...not yet anyway :)  or to plan activities or crafts.  Maybe it's because Buck has a broken arm and Honeybee has a cold/fever virus.  I'm just letting each day unfold and praying for His grace to lead me - strengthen me.
I was blessed to have quiet time with Our Lord last night while HC & SB attended choir practice.  It was wonderful to kneel in the dark chapel with only the sanctuary lamp aglow.  It took a while to clear my mind of all of the noise and just be.  Be in His Presence.  I quietly prayed the rosary focusing on the sorrowful mysteries.  On what He suffered for me, and asked for strength in my minor sufferings and for those whose sufferings are great. 

The big girls are excited about singing with the choir for The Triduum.  HC will even cantor on Holy Thursday!  What a blessing! 

I've added links for Holy Week to my sidebar including music we love by Danielle Rose.  You can visit her site to read about her.  She is such a gifted artist who is a wonderful example of a faithful servant! 
You can also check out some of the activities we have done in years past if you like.

May He bless you with His peace as you prepare to travel through this Holy Week .

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