Monday, April 2, 2012

Reviewing with The Jesus Tree ~

Yesterday I hung up our Jesus Tree.  In years past we have started this with the beginning of Lent.  That didn't happen this year.  So I had the idea of using it for  a Holy Week  "review!"  Buck, Honeybee and I discussed all of the symbols using the
New Catholic Picture Bible.  I told them the page number, they looked it up, and read aloud the title and the caption under the picture.  They then took turns hanging up the symbols through Palm Sunday.  Aside from hearing them in the daily Mass readings, a lot of these stories are fresh in their minds from watching Jesus of Nazareth our favorite Lenten family movie.

I hope you have a very blessed week!


holly said...

I love this! I want to find out more about it for next year. What do you think a good age to start watching Jesus of Nazareth is?

Lori said...

Hi Holly. The Jesus Tree has been a great Lenten activity for us! I'd highly recommend it!

We have watched Jesus of Nazareth with our kids every year as we prepare for Easter. When our oldest 2 were little they would cover their eyes during the scouraging and the nailing to the cross.

It seems once you have older ones in the house, the younger ones are not as "scared" with such things. I mean if they've watched Narnia and the sort...

It's definitely NOTHING like the Passion! Our older girls just started watching that with us.

If your not sure I'd watch through those two parts I talked about above and decide for yourself. Everyone knows their own children best :)

Have a Blessed Holy Week!

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