Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Updated Morning Basket

I recently had a friend ask me about our morning basket of work.  Well, it got me to thinking of how it had been a while since we had actually done the work I had posted about earlier in the school year.  Things change….Life happens….  So for now, the morning basket has been moved upstairs into the kitchen.  It’s been too cold to school for any length of time in our downstairs-basement-school area. 


So, once again we are starting our day off at the kitchen table.  It’s so good to be getting back into more of a routine and gathering first thing for morning prayers .  For January, we have added an act of faith, hope and love to our prayer time along with reading about the saint of the day.  Once prayers are concluded the older girls set out to tackle math.  We try to get that knocked out while they are fresh!   Buck and Honeybee are enjoying working with the Hooked on Phonics series and their Explode the Code books.  I’ve also got some art supplies in the basket to occupy one while I’m working with the other.

IMG_0735I also have a folder in the basket for them to hold their finished work.  This week we will be adding this, this, and this to their folders.   God Bless :)

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